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  • Free and Open-Access

    A fun-filled learning framework for schools with open access from anywhere.

  • Accountability

    Using remote monitoring dashboard and data analytics to establish accountabilities at every level. i.e. from student to district collector.

  • Empowerment

    Ensuring direct empowerment to students, teachers, schools and district education officers and district collectors.

  • Geographically Encompassing

    Support to local languages with no geographical limits. 1500+ schools across 10 district in 3 States are already on it.

Project Utkarsh started as one of implementation of “QuizAcademy - Quiz Based Learning System” in mass education system and have evolved as solution to multi-faceted development challenges in the field of school education.

Currently the project is being implemented in 1400+ ICT enabled Govt. Schools of 8 Districts of Rajasthan covering 316 Schools of Udaipur District, 127 Schools of Jhalawar District, 110 Schools of Sawai Madhopur District, 103 Schools of Jodhpur District, 220 Schools of Ajmer District, 125 Schools of Pali District, 105 Schools of Baran District and 100 Schools of Jaipur District. Its unique approach to convert ICT Lab of Govt. Schools in smart-class by QuizAcademy platform is being leveraged by over 1.50 lakh students of class 9th & 10th.

Outside of Rajasthan, Project Utkarsh is implemented in Udham Singh Nagar District Of Uttarakhand State (since Jan - 2015) and Khed block of Pune district of Maharastra (since June - 2017).

Key objectives of Project Utkarsh are:-
  • Self-Learning - Create & provide self-learning study material and interactive tools to students.
  • Smart-Class & e-Learning - Allowing teachers to use these interactive tools for effective teaching and online assignments.
  • Remote Monitoring - Every activity by Student & Teachers will be captured online and can be remotely monitored on web.
  • Performance Benchmarking- Capturing quantitative data to create qualitative performance bench marking of Students, Teachers as well as school.
  • ICT Infrastructure Improvement - As a spill over impact, school computer labs gets revived and put to use. Usage of Quiz Academy will confirm the functioning of lab.
  • Increased Scientific Temperament - Usage and practice on computer/tablets will drastically enhance the scientific temperament of Students, Teachers and Administrators.
    • School Visits of Government Officials to Schools
    • Project Utkarsh training to teachers in government seminars
    • 8795 Students of 10th Class give Online Assessment Test in 4 DistrictOf Rajasthan
    • 3585 Goverment Teachers have trained on QuizAcademy
    • Baran District Collector interact with students
    • Best Utilization Of available ICT Infrastructure in Goverment Schools
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    • Quiz is the best way to engage the students in class
    • CSF Delhi visited ongoing Project Utkarsh School in Jhalawar
    • Story Writing Competition On "Swach Bharat Abhiyaan" at Rudrapur(Uttarakhand)
    • Game Of KBC become favorite educational game of students in class rooms.
    • Regular Sessions are conduting by Volunteers from TATA MOTORS
    • Remote Monitoring by Education Department is regular process in project utkarsh
    • Improvment in ICT Infrastructure in Govt. Schools
    • Boston Consulting Group visited ongoing Project Utkarsh School in Pantnagar, Uttarkhand

    “प्रोजेक्ट उत्कर्ष” सरकारी विद्यालयों में सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी एवं क्विज आधारित अधिगमन प्रणाली (Quiz Based Learning System) द्वारा शिक्षा में गुणात्मक परिवर्तन लाने के लिए एक मिशन है| इसके तहत छात्र क्विज व KBC (कौन बनेगा करोड़पति) के तर्ज पर खेल-खेल में सरलव रुचिपुर्ण तरीके से पढ़ते हैं तथा साथ ही स्कूली शिक्षा से संबन्धित एनसीईआरटी (हिन्दी माध्यम) की टेक्स्ट-बुक्स, गणित विडियो, साइन्स विडियो, विज्ञान के प्रयोग, एनीमेशन, विडियो-ऑडियो आदि का समावेश किया गया हैं ।

    इसी के साथ ही उतराखंड राज्य के एक जिले उधमसिंह नगर व महाराष्ट्र राज्य के पुणे जिले में भी प्रोजेक्ट उत्कर्ष का क्रियान्वयन शुरू किया जा चुका हैं।

    प्रोजेक्ट उत्कर्ष के मुख्य उद्देश:
    • सरल व रुचिपुर्ण स्व-अध्ययन (Self-Learning)-क्विज-अकैडमी के द्वारा अधिगमन प्रक्रिया को सरल एवं रुचिकर बनाना व विद्यार्थियों को स्व-अध्ययन के लिए प्रेरित करना।
    • स्मार्ट-क्लास व ई-लर्निंग (Smart-Class & e-Learning) - विद्यालय में उपलब्ध कम्प्युटर लैब का उपयोग स्मार्ट-क्लास एवं ई - लर्निंग के लिए करना।
    • रिमोट-मॉनिटरिंग (Remote Monitoring) - अध्यापक व विद्यार्थी के नियमित अभ्यास को रिमोट मॉनिटरिंग द्वारा ऑनलाइन मॉनिटर करना।
    • प्रदर्शन बेंचमार्किंग(Performance Benchmarking)- संख्यात्मक डाटा का संग्रह कर विद्यार्थियों, अध्यापकों व विद्यालय का परिणाम विश्लेषण करना।
    • ICT संसाधनों में सुधार (ICT Infrastructure Improvement) - क्विज-अकैडमी के नियमित उपयोग द्वारा कम्प्युटर लैब को कार्यशील बनाना जिससे आईसीटी संसाधनों में सुधार हो सके।
    • सूचना प्रोध्योगिकी कौशल का विकास (Increased Scientific Temperament) - कम्प्युटर, लैपटाप व टैब्लेट के नियमित उपयोग द्वारा अध्यापक व विद्यार्थी में सूचना-प्रौद्योगिकी कौशल विकसित करना।
    प्रोजेक्ट उत्कर्ष की प्रमुख गतिविधियां: प्रोजेक्ट उत्कर्ष के तहत संबन्धित विद्यालयों में चरणबध्द तरीके से स्मार्ट-क्लास हेतु क्विज-अकैडमी सॉफ्टवेयर सैटअप, शिक्षक-प्रशिक्षण, छात्र-आमुखीकरण, ऑनलाइन टेस्ट व एसाइनमेंट, परिणाम-विश्लेषण, रिमोट-मॉनिटरिंग, विद्यालय निरीक्षण आदि नियमित गतिविधियों का आयोजन किया जा रहा हैं ।
    District Name
    1. Udaipur (Rajasthan)
    2. Jhalawar (Rajasthan)
    3. Baran (Rajasthan)
    4. Udham Singh Nagar (Uttrakhand State)
    5. Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
    6. Sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan)
    District Name
    7. Ajmer (Rajasthan)
    8. Pali (Rajasthan)
    9. Jaipur (Rajasthan)
    10. Pune (Maharastra)

    "Quality Education" is the most vital key to the nation's sustainable development and we are all focused in enhancing quality in education.
    With the help of Quiz Based Learning System , we can, not only create, interactive and innovative environment for micro-learning but also can design roadmaps for continuous improvements.I hope this framework will motivate students for self learning.
    Ashutosh A.T. Pednekar, IAS
    (Collector & DM, Udaipur, Rajasthan)

    Self-study is one of the most effective way of improving your knowledge and aptitude. I hope Quiz Based Learning System will be useful tool in enriching your journey in becoming well educated citizen.

    Govind Ram Thanvi
    (Chief Mentor at Moinee Foundation)

    QuizAcademy is a Global E-Learning platform for knowledge sharing through quizzes to learning community.It is a virtual school promotes learning beyond Physical,Financial,Medicaland Social Boundaries.Its simplicity,interactivity and interesting approach makes it a useful micro-learning. I hope this endeavor will support us to attain the objective of “Right to Quality Education.”
    Vijay Vyas
    Director (Corporate &Academic Alliances)
    Moinee Foundation,Jaipur

    The explosion of knowledge and the advancement of educational technology have completely changed the whole paradigm of teaching and learning process.E-learning and quiz-learning are the means tosatisfy the curiosity of our students in a joyful and playful manner.The Moinee Foundation, Jaipur came forward and my subject teachers extended their helping hand and now we are to hand over this material to our students.
    Smt. Krishna Chohan

    Team - Moinee Foundation, Jaipur
    Click Here (Download)
    Installation Instruction For NCERT- 10 | NCERT-9 Desktop Application
    Step 1: Click here to firstly download Adobe Air.
    Step 2: After download it successfully Follow the next steps to successfully install it.

    Step 3: After successfully install Adobe Air download NCERT- 10 | NCERT-9 Application. For download click here.
    Quiz Academy can be use as Smart Class because it is also collaborative learning workflow system where user can…

    Create Institutes/Schools, Classes

    Assign Students to a Class

    Create quiz sets on the fly and assign to class for practice or test.

    Track progress of assignments online

    App: NCERT- 9
    This app is a Quiz Academy Series specially designed for students of class 9 (Hindi Medium) to practice offline on tablets and phones.

    It is designed to provide simplified, interactive, quiz based, micro- learning platform to 9th class students.

    It has created interactive quizzes covering the complete 9th class NCERT syllabus of all subjects.

    It has options to play quizzes in the form of KBC, Fresh Quiz and Flip Card.

    It app comes with good set of offline data prepared by experts in relevant subjects, though it also has the option of using the online data, which is regularly updated, revised and expanded to improve the coverage.

    It has a common applicability for students of RBSE (Rajasthan Board) Class 9(Hindi Medium).

    To directly install or update on Android Tablet/Phone, go to Google Play Store App and search for RBSE-9.
      Desktop App 1: NCERT - 10

    This is an offline application, made to work on Desktop/PC/Laptops so students/schools can use it without internet connectivity. App loaded with enriched content including images for making learning more interesting. In functionality, it is exactly similar to offline Tablet app.

      Desktop App 2: RBSE - 9

    This is an offline application, made to work on Desktop/PC/Laptops so students/schools can use it without internet connectivity. App loaded with enriched content including images for making learning more interesting. In functionality, it is exactly similar to offline Tablet app.

      Desktop App 3: NCERT - 9

    This is an offline application, made to work on Desktop/PC/Laptops so students/schools can use it without internet connectivity. In functionality, it is exactly similar to offline Tablet app.

      Desktop App 4: Study Buddy

    This application is an effort to add value to student in self learning.

    It is designed to support easy, fast and offline learning with the help of content already on computers (like softcopies of books,interactive experiments etc) and useful web links.

    'QuizAcademy’ – Your Buddy in Study

    It is a light weight online learning platform for quiz based learning system

    It facilitates users to play, create, contribute and share quizzes on any subject matter.

    Its simplicity, interactivity and interesting approach makes it a useful micro-learning, teaching and assessment tool.

    It records all the activities (No. of Quizzes played, Time-Taken, User-Engagement etc.) of users and provides real time feedback on performance.

    For Better Understanding Go to QuizAcademy Portal
    Our Vision & Mission Statements

    Freedom by Education - our vision lies in the belief that true freedom can only be achieved through quality education.

    Our Mission is to bring qualitative and accountable change to mass education and fulfill every child's right to quality education.

    Moinee Foundation(www.moinee.org) is an educational trust established in year 2012 with a mission to Support “Right to Quality Education”. It has build specialization in Industry Alignment Program, Employability Assessments and Quiz Based Learning System through Quiz Academy. In achieving our goals Moinee Systems (www.moinee.com) is the key sponsor, which is technology and consulting firm with focus on education & energy efficiency domain.

    • Formulating educational products for enhancing learning for students
    • Enhancing learning at grass-root schools thru technology
    • Industry Alignment Programs
    • Talent Benchmarking thru quantitative assessments
    • Supporting dropouts and underprivileged children to bring in mainstream

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